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Introducing: Sola All Better Balm

January 04, 2016

The seasons have shifted. The mornings are cool and crisp, and warm up nicely during the day, but you can tell that Fall is here…. Slippers have come out of hiding, warm tea is drunk at night instead of chilled drinks. With the season, my skin changes too. It becomes a little drier, and needs a little something extra from time to time.

Sola Skincare Soft Skin Balm

I’ve talked often about our Soft Skin Balm. It’s my go-to for any extra hydration I need. I keep a tin in my car, and slather in on my hands in the morning, pop on gloves and by the time I’m at my destination, my hands are silky soft and rehydrated.

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Another one of my new favourites for Fall is our All Better Balm. This is the grown-up version of our Bare Bum Balm. Our Bare Bum Balm was originally created as a soothing balm for the diaper change area. It quickly became our go-to whenever our girls had cuts or scrapes, bumps and bruises (real or imaginary), chapped skin from colds to licking their lips too much, and pretty much everything in between. We’ve also had many people use it with great success on eczema troubles. The healing properties of the Chinese herbs and calendula infusion really address those irritations, and many others.

A friend mentioned this to me one day, saying that she had children so would pick up the Bare Bum Balm, but if you didn’t have children, but would benefit from the soothing and healing balm, you’d never think to try it. We talked about it, and that’s how our All Better Balm was born.

With a slightly higher dilution of essential oils and a different blend, but containing the same great healing powers from the herbal infused olive oil used in our Bare Bum Balm, our All Better Balm is great for adults. It’s soothing, healing, smells terrific, and is great for those spots that creep up that need some extra attention. Eczema, rashes, irritation from weather (sun and wind burns, chapped skin), this balm really does help to make your skin all better.

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